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3 Great Alternative Uses for the SoundBeam™ Grill Light with Bluetooth® Speaker

In 2017 we launched CC Sync™, our line of smart outdoor living products. The first CC Sync™ items include the Q-Tech Bluetooth® Thermometer and the SoundBeam™ Grill Light with Bluetooth® Speaker. The SoundBbeam™ is my favorite new product. Not only is it a portable and durable Bluetooth® speaker, it’s also a bright light that can […]

Squeeze-N-Flavor™ Marinade Injector

    Description Infuse your foods with flavor and moisture with just a squeeze! This marinade injector is easier to use than traditional, syringe-style injectors. With one hand, you can fill your Squeeze-N-Flavor™ and inject your meat with your choice of marinade or liquid.   Brand Charcoal Companion Products Used CC5148 Time 1:09 YouTube Link […]

CC5168 360° Skewer™: All Around Delicious

Description Kabobs are an international delight and a staple of any barbecue experience. Traditionalists make theirs with meat, veggies, and seafood, while the more adventurous go for brownie bites or marshmallows. Whatever your preference, simplify your next kabob session with the 360° Skewer™. One click of a button on the handle rotates the kabob 180° […]