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3 Crucial Ways to Provide Great Customer Service

Great customer service is one of the foundations of running a successful business. Here at The Companion Group it’s one of the most important things on our agenda. Like many other successful businesses, we realized early on just how important having outstanding customer service really is. After all customers are what drive your business, so […]


Making Bacon Bowls: Delicious and Easy!

Now more popular than ever, bacon has become much more than just a breakfast food. Bacon’s one-of-a-kind flavor can be found in almost anything, from potato chips to pizza to bacon dipped chocolate the tasty treat seems to have found a place in nearly every food category. These cured slices of pork belly have the […]

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Two New Grill Books

Last year I wrote a blog about the library of cook books we’ve written here at The Companion Group. From burgers to pizza, we’ve written some amazing recipes and taken dozens of beautiful, mouth-watering photos. This year I’m proud to say that we’ve added two more books to our collection, and they’ll soon be available […]