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7 Reasons Why Grilling Knocks Our Socks Off

There’s just something special about a grilled meal you can’t get from any other type of cooking. America has had a long love affair with grilling – even George Washington was into it. Turns out our first president kept detailed records of each barbecue he went to. He even stayed up all night at one […]

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Caveman Thanksgiving (Smoked Turkey Legs)

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and that means Turkey. Although the traditional roasted turkey is great for a large gathering, it can be a little excessive for a smaller group. Let’s ditch the whole bird and smoke some turkey legs! They’re a delicious snack while waiting in line at an amusement park, but why […]


Five Facts about Our New Favorite Sustainable Materials: Bamboo, Palmyra, and Rubberwood

Bamboo is native to countries like India, China, Japan, Korea, Australia, and other areas with warm climates. Bamboo is sustainable because it grows rapidly without needing much fertilizer or water, with some species growing three feet in a single day. Because bamboo grows so quickly, it yields up to 20 times more timber than other types of wood planted in the same amount of space. Talk about […]