Five Tips And Tools To Make Grilling In The Winter Enjoyable!

Here in the Berkeley California TCG headquarters, grilling year round is not that big of an issue. It rains a few times and the temperature only drops to lows around 40F in winter. While I’m sure some of us still complain, these tips go out to our friends in the midwest who have real seasons to grill through. We know you battle the harsh elements, so here are some tips and tools to make grilling through your winters a little easier.

1. With the days getting shorter (and the nights getting longer) grilling in the dark sometimes becomes the only option. Instead of holding the flashlight in your mouth, the Grill Light can easily attach to your grill hood to make lighting a non-issue.

2. Unless I’m out of touch, they have not made mittens fire retardant yet. And when it’s freezing outside you don’t want to be touching a metal grill with bare hands. Luckily, the Pitt Mit Pro comes in a pair. The Pitt Mit is both warm and heat safe up to 475 degrees, perfect for cold nights and hot grilling.

3. When snow is on the ground and your beard is growing icicles the last thing you want to be doing is opening the grill to check your food. Heat is quickly lost this way and will slow the cooking of your meat dramatically. To solve this dilemma the CCSynch Q-Tech Bluetooth Thermometer to take readings from the house. This way you can keep the lid closed and grill to perfection while watching the temps from inside.

4. The attachable sun shade for gas grills was made with summer in mind, but a little light snow should not deter a good grilling session. This attachment can double as a snow shade for your prep station as you take meats off the flame. The grill shade will keep your steak from getting a cold shock from the falling snow.

5. I hope you didn’t leave your grill tools outside because they might be frozen or buried by now. In winter, it’s best to make sure that the only thing outdoors is that tough grill. This way you can preheat the grill and do a full prep inside with The Grill Station. The grill station will allow you to have everything ready to go along with a tool caddy attached to its side to keep the essentials within arms reach. With The Grill Station, you can make trips to the grill with everything you need in one compact carrier.


To all those grilling through the cold months: we salute you. We are proud to know that grilling is a year-round event throughout the country and while it may not be as much of a feat for us in California, we have a lot of respect for those grilling in the ice and snow. I hope some of these tips and tools will make that battle a little bit easier. Good luck to everyone out there, and happy holidays, America!

Daniel Replogle

Daniel does business development and marketing at The Companion Group. When he isn’t writing you can find him rock climbing or doing ceramic artwork.