Five Ways Retailers Can Capture Millennials’ Attention

There’s been lots of buzz about “millennial consumers” as companies scramble to figure out how to appeal to them. Millennials, born between 1976 and 1994, are tough for retailers to understand and market to. On one hand, millennials like spending on comfort and conveniences like hailing a Lyft or eating at a nice restaurant. On the other hand, they make New Year’s resolutions to stay at home and cook more.

How can retailers figure out what millennials want and turn them into loyal customers? How can they make sure their product mix appeals to this group of consumers? Our robust sales team is well versed in understanding all kinds of consumers, so we sat down with them to check the pulse of the millennial market:

  • Include easy-to-use items that save time. Time saving and simplicity is important to this generation. They may be less likely to invest in a high-end item, but something that will make their lives easier is worth it. Charcoal Companion FLEX Grill Sheets™ (which make it easy and simple to grill) are a great example. If you’re getting ready to have a small group of friends over on the weekend, and you don’t have time to clean your grill grates, you can easily throw a couple FLEX sheets on the grill and get started right away.
  • Include products that allow for experimentation. Millennials value new experiences. Grilling and cooking at home is a fun experience that allows this plugged-in generation to unwind and try something new. Items like the Charcoal Companion 3-in-1 Burger Press allow millennials to try out different types of burger patties and stuff the burgers with ingredients of their choosing.

  • Quirky, off-beat items appeal to these consumers. Websites like Etsy have loyal millennial customers because they offer unique and aesthetically appealing items. Although most retailers do not source handmade items, they can carry items that have that look and feel. The Patio Companion line includes many functional yet artistic products. Check out this blog post to learn about how our creative team comes up with these fun candles.

  • Consider tailoring your marketing strategies to millennials. Millennials are savvy consumers who research online before they shop. They trust user-generated content more than material from brands. Make sure to incorporate this kind of content on your website.
  • Tap into millennials’ food goals. Millennials are aspirational. They see something on Pinterest or Instagram, and then they want to make it at home. Make sure to include specialty items like the Charcoal Companion Himalayan Salt Plates in your product mix. A typical millennial consumer may not use this product every day, but it’s something that is just outside their comfort zone.

Millennials are certainly a tricky bunch to understand, but once you do, you’ll reap the benefits for years.

Simmi Aujla

Simmi works in marketing and e-commerce at the Companion Group. She’s a former journalist, current fiction enthusiast and perennial storyteller and builder of brands.