Six Things We Love About Our Favorite Hot Dog Topping: Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut! In German, “sauerkraut” means “sour cabbage.” And that’s exactly what it is! Shredded cabbage is combined with salt and allowed to ferment for several weeks giving it a pleasant sour taste. Since we’ve been making plenty of spiralized hot dogs recently with the Charcoal Companion® Dizzy Dog®, we’ve learned a lot more about this classic hot dog topping. Here are some things we love about it!

  1. Its unique sour flavor. The salt and cabbage meld together over three to six weeks to create a delightful taste. After beer, this may be our favorite fermented thing!
  2. It has a long shelf life. People have been consuming sauerkraut since well before refrigerators existed. If you buy some from the grocery store and don’t use all of it the first few days, no worries! The acid and salt in your sauerkraut will keep it good to eat for many days to come.
  3. Fun fact: It was used to combat scurvy in the 1700s. British explorer James Cook carried barrels of it on his ships to prevent his sailors from getting sick. Talk about a superfood!
  4. It’s easy to add fun variations. Some people add juniper berries and caraway seeds to their sauerkraut. If you make sauerkraut at home, try adding some grated apple or a splash of white wine. Your taste buds will thank you.
  5. It’s good for you! When you put sauerkraut on your hot dog, you’re also adding antioxidants and plenty of vitamin B and C. Who knew toppings could be healthy?
  6. Its versatility. Though we love making a spiralized hot dog and then topping it with sauerkraut, it can also be used for sauerkraut soup. Or top your roasted veggies with it. Sauerkraut is also a great accompaniment to chicken breast or duck breast.

Next time we grill, we’re definitely going to have sauerkraut waiting on the table. If you’ve ever used sauerkraut, let us know how! We always love to hear new recipe ideas.

Simmi Aujla

Simmi works in marketing and e-commerce at the Companion Group. She’s a former journalist, current fiction enthusiast and perennial storyteller and builder of brands.