Charcoal Companion

The Charcoal Companion® line of superior barbecue tools, baskets, grids, thermometers, and specialty grilling accessories are designed to meet every outdoor, and even indoor, cooking need. Charcoal Companion has everything you would need for your barbecue and more! The Charcoal Companion slogan is

If we don’t have it – you probably don’t need it.”

Product Spotlight

The Companion Group is always improving and expanding the Charcoal Companion line of grilling supplies and accessories. A few of our popular product spotlights include:

Pitt Mitt

An aramid fiber glove with soft cotton lining that allows the user to handle hot items around and directly off a very hot grill. The Pit Mitt® is reversible for left or right hand and has a silicone textured surface for superior grip. Heat safe up to 475° F.

Meat Claws

These heavy-duty stainless steel meat claws are designed for handling larger pieces of meat such as roasts, turkey, chicken and ham. Use the claws to shred a smoked pork butt into pulled pork in a matter of minutes.

Stuff-A-Burger Press

The inventive Stuff-A-Burger® Press creates delicious stuffed burgers with tender and tasty toppings on the inside. The press holds an impressive 3/4 pounds of ground meat.

Charcoal Companion Product Information

Product Information

The Companion Group provides product information and images to assist retailers with merchandising and promotional programs.

Charcoal Companion Catalog

Detailed descriptions of the Charcoal Companion line of superior barbecue tools, baskets, grids, thermometers & specialty grilling accessories to meet every outdoor cooking need.
Download PDF Download the 2014 Charcoal Companion catalog.
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