Pizzacraft® features an extensive line of artisan quality pizza stones, tools, and accessories for crafting and baking pizzas at home in the oven or on the grill. The cornerstone of the pizzacraft experience revolves around its extensive pizza stones, available in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. No other pizza product selection on the market matches pizzacraft in terms of quality and variety. With pizzacraft, everyone can experience the joy of a perfectly prepared pizza – piping hot, dripping with melted cheese baked into an amazingly crispy crust. Sign up to the pizzacraft mailing list to receive product updates, promotions, and blog posts.

Pizzeria Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven

Pizzeria Pronto Portable Outdoor Pizza OvenThe ultimate portable outdoor pizza oven The Pizzeria Pronto is a revolutionary new pizza oven from the makers of pizzacraft. Patent pending technologies allow the Pizzeria Pronto to create pizzeria-quality pizzas at home or on the go, fast and easy. The oven pre-heats in 10 minutes and cooks a pizza perfectly in 5 minutes – and then is ready for another pie! The Pizzeria Pronto pizza oven runs on propane, making it incredibly mobile. You can bring it with you to a tailgate party, on a camping trip, barbecues, or a picnic at the park. View videos and additional information on the Pizzeria Pronto.

Pizza Cone Set

Pizza cones are a fun and unique new way to make and serve personalized pizzas at home. Just cut, form and bake the special pizza cone dough into the fun, cone shape. Next, fill the par-baked cones with any variety of pizza toppings. Return the filled cones to the oven or grill and bake until the pizza cone crust is golden brown and the toppings are bubbly. The pizzacraft pizza cone set includes everything needed for making pizza cones at home: a recipe for the special pizza cone dough, a cutter for cutting the dough into shape, a crimper to seal the edges of the cone before baking, two non-stick cone molds for baking the cones and two non-stick stands for baking the filled cones.

Pizza Cone are a Great New Way to Eat Pizza

Perfect Pizza Grilling Stone

The Gourmet Retailer Editors' Pick The Perfect Pizza Grilling Stone is The Companion Group’s latest innovation in pizza preparation technology. The stone features two thermal shock resistant cordierite stones that lock together to form a hollow core, which acts as a heat diffuser. Heat from the bottom stone is transferred to the circulating air inside, which in turn heats the top stone. This ensures that it is heated evenly, with no hot spots. The Gourmet Retailer recently awarded The Perfect Pizza Grilling Stone with an Editors’ Pick award in the competitive housewares category. The award was determined on The Gourmet Retailer’s assessment of innovation as well as functionality, and the Perfect Pizza Grilling Stone excelled in both criteria. Achieve a perfectly browned, crispy crust every time!

Pizzacraft Product Information

Pizzacraft Product Information

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Pizzacraft Catalog

Detailed descriptions of the pizzacraft line of artisan quality pizza stones, tools and accessories for crafting and baking pizzas at home, on the grill, or on the go. Download PDF Download the 2014 pizzacraft catalog. (PDF 7.71 MB)