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Pizzeria Pronto Portable Pizza Oven

The Pizzeria Pronto® is a revolutionary new pizza oven from the makers of Pizzacraft. Patented technologies allow the Pizzeria Pronto to create pizzeria-quality pizzas at home or on the go, fast and easy. The oven pre-heats in 10 minutes and cooks a pizza perfectly in 5 minutes – and then is ready for another pie!

The ultimate portable outdoor pizza oven! The Pizzeria Pronto runs on propane, making it incredibly mobile. You can bring it with you to a tailgate party, on a camping trip, barbecues, or a picnic at the park.

Key Features of the Pizzeria Pronto

  • It pre-heats to 700°F in 10 minutes and cooks pizzas in 5 minutes with no re-heating time in between pies.
  • The interior features dual cordierite baking stones that come together with a hollow core of air in between, which acts as a heat diffuser and eliminates the risk of hot spots on your stone.
  • A reflective heat shield built into the top of the oven redirects heat down onto the top of the pizza so toppings cook at the same rate as the crust.
  • It runs on a 20 lb. or a 1 lb. tank with an adapter.

Patented Technologies

  • Vented lid allows moisture to escape and ensures toasty toppings
  • Dome shape and inner heat shield redirects heat to cook your toppings at the same rate as your crust
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Internal Perfect Pizza Grilling Stone distributes heat for even cooking and a crispy crust
  • Built-in matchless starter for easy lighting
  • Patents: #9,016,191, D730,105

Pizzeria Pronto in the Press

  • The Pizzeria Pronto was featured on The Talk as a “Summer Party Essential“. Impress your backyard barbecue guests with quick, easy and delicious pizza!
  • The outdoor pizza oven was also voted one of “12 Tailgating Essentials: Best Gear” by Men’s Journal in their October 2013 issue. Include this rugged and portable outdoor pizza oven as one of your must-have tailgating accessories!
  • The Pizzeria Pronto was featured on Lakesha Rose’s “Tailgating Round-Up” segment on WGN Chicago.
  • Lifestyle expert, Limor Suss included the Pizzeria Pronto in a “Tailgate in Style” round-up on PIX11-TV.

Reviews on the Pizzeria Pronto

We know how important consumer reviews and critiques are when making decisions on which pizza oven to purchase. Here’s a few sites for you to reference.

  • Chowhound offers a nice compilation of comments and reviews from consumers on the Pizzeria Pronto beginning with its release into the market in 2013.
  • Oven Reviews HQ gives you a step by step review along with tips and trick to Pizzeria Pronto cooking success.
  • Pizza Making Forum also has a lengthy dialogue from consumers and critics.

View the Pizzeria Pronto in Action

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The Companion Group does not sell direct to consumers. The Pizzeria Pronto pizza oven is available through select specialty retailers and online at pizzacraft.com.

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