CC4133 Cast Iron Gas Grill V-Shaped Smoker Box

CC4133 Cast Iron Gas Grill V-Shaped Smoker Box - Product on White

With the Charcoal Companion Cast Iron Gas Grill V-Shaped Smoker Box, you can add flavor and moisture to your foods as you grill; simply fill the box with pre-soaked wood chips or pellets and get grilling! Smoke and moisture vapor will emerge from the lid’s perforations and make your food flavorful and tender. This V-Shaped Smoker Box fits between flame deflector bars on gas grills, positioning smoke right beneath grill grates for the most intense flavor. The box also works as a traditional smoker box sitting directly on grates. To convert to a traditional smoker box, remove the lid and place under the box; the box nestles securely in the lid’s grooves. The durable cast iron construction is ideal for repeated uses. Wood chips not included.

Materials: Cast Iron
Dimensions: 7.1 In W x 4.2 In D by 2.4 In H (17.8 Cm W x 10.7 Cm D x 6.1 Cm H)
Keywords: Smoker Box, Smoke, Flavor, Cast Iron

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