CC6077 InstaSmoke® Tube – Mesquite

CC6077 InstaSmoke® Tube - Mesquite - Product on White

InstaSmoke® produces a generous amount of smoke in your KitchenQue™ Stovetop Smoker. Just one tablespoon of Mesquite InstaSmoke® is good for a round of smoking your favorite food. Works with any food but particularly enhances the natural flavor of beef, salmon or chicken. InstaSmoke® lights fast and smokes quickly. Scoop some into your KitchenQue™ and start smoking!

Materials: Superfine wood
Dimensions: 4.5 In x 2.5 In x 2.5 In (11.4 Cm x 6.4 Cm x 6.4 Cm)
Keywords: KitchenQue, Smoke, Superfine Wood
MSRP: $4.99

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