The new Safe Scrape™ and Safe Scrub™ Line of Grill Cleaning Tools and Brushes

Introducing the new Safe Scrape™ and Safe Scrub™ line of grill cleaning tools and brushes. These new and unique tools will replace the old wire brushes that have scrubbed grill grates for the last 30 years. Watch the video and get the story behind our newest and safest line of grill cleaning tools. To order or for questions, contact

Products in the line:

CC1076 Stainless Chef™ Big Head® Safe-Scrub™ Grill Brush

CC1122 Avant Big Head™ Safe-Scrub™ Grill Brush

CC4120 Safe Scrape™ The Non-Bristle Grill Cleaning Tool

CC4123 Big Head™ Hardwood Handle Safe-Scrub™ Grill Brush

CC4125 Triangular Head Safe-Scrub™ Grill Brush

CC4126 Dual Handle Safe-Scrub™ MONSTER Brush™

CC4128 Dual Handle Safe-Scrub™ MEGA MONSTER Brush™

CC4139 Safe Scrape™ PRECISION The Non-Bristle Grill Cleaning Tool!

CC4152 Plastic 2 In 1 Safe-Scrub™ Grill Brush

CC4153 Plastic Handle Safe-Scrub™ Grill Brush

CC4154 Plastic Handle Safe-Scrub™ Brush

Liana Winternitz

Liana is the Marketing and Social Media Associate at The Companion Group. She makes product and promotional videos, and shares all the good stuff on social media. Liana loves cooking and is so happy to bring the joy of grilling and cooking to you!