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Retail Customers

Our Second Family. . . 

Retail Customers
Our retail customers are the bread and butter of our business. Ranging from small independents to big box stores, we are capable of satisfying every account’s unique needs. Led by a dedicated sales team, we can work with you to develop or manufacture your products through our long-term experience and relationship with the overseas market.

Unique outdoor products are our strength. Our experienced team spends countless hours in research and development to produce great products in outdoor entertaining. Whether it’s product or packaging, we go to extraordinary lengths to bring our custom design requests to life.

In-House Design

We also offer a product design consultation service related to sourcing and supplying products to our customers. Our talented team of product, graphic, and packaging designers can work with you to ensure products are unique to you and your business. This helps eliminate many problems associated with “me too,” off-the-shelf items. We are able to supply ABS plastic prototypes for design approval and ergonomic testing. Additionally, our team can consult on color trends and other aspects related to your product. We offer all of the benefits of working with a custom design firm – without the hassle and cost.

Private Label Branding

Private label brands have taken on a new sophistication in the consumer’s eye and house-brand loyalty shows no signs of slowing as consumer demand for quality products at affordable prices continues to skyrocket. Our extensive knowledge of the private label business will help you create a program that will increase profitability by offering a selection of quality, affordable products unique to your store.

Logistical Experts

How do you fit 60 different SKU’s into one container? Ask us! Our logistical team works around the clock to ensure that orders get to customers on time and on budget. Our ability to tackle and accommodate unique shipping situations sets us apart from the competition. We’ve even figured out a way to ship entire 4-foot and 8-foot sections completely ready to display right out of the box. Direct import shipments save you US warehouse costs.

Unrivaled Communications

You can count on an easy direct line of communication with the entire Companion Group team, from your sales account manager to finance. With no prohibitive layers of communication, good relationships are easy to develop. We thrive on our own unique business partnerships and believe our unrivaled communications contribute to our successful collaborations. As a valued partner, we welcome your call…the CEO even answers his own phone.

Want Help with Your Selection?

The Companion Group can advise a product program especially for you. Give us a call and our sales team or your representative will be happy to assist!

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