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Charcoal Companion: Marinade Injector

Description Adding moisture to your meats is easy with a marinade injector! You can infuse your meat or poultry with juicy flavor by filling up your injector with your favorite marinade, stock, or brine, and injecting it directly into your protein. Niki shows you how to assemble, use, and clean your marinade injector for easy, […]

Planet Barbecue: Steven Raichlen’s Spice Pastes

Description Steven Raichlen’s spice pastes bring the exotic flavors of far-flung regions along the world barbecue trail right to your own kitchen. Steven has captured the essences of different world cuisines in these four spice pastes; they add the intense flavor of a spice rub, with the moisture of a marinade. Whether you choose the […]

Charcoal Companion: Himalayan Salt Plate

Description Give your guests the unique experience of food prepared on a salt plate! This beautiful, pink slab of salt was originally mined in the Himalayas, then hand-crafted down to individual cooking plates. Cooking food on salt plates actually uses less salt than when cooking with ground salt, and imparts a rich, subtle flavor you […]