CC5168 360° Skewer™: All Around Delicious


Kabobs are an international delight and a staple of any barbecue experience. Traditionalists make theirs with meat, veggies, and seafood, while the more adventurous go for brownie bites or marshmallows. Whatever your preference, simplify your next kabob session with the 360° Skewer™. One click of a button on the handle rotates the kabob 180° while another click gets you full circle. This extra-long soft-grip tool is easy to hold and protects your hand from heat. Dishwasher safe.

Brand Charcoal Companion
Products Used CC5168
Time 0:54
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Upload Date 08/9/17


The 360° Skewer™: All Around Delicious! The removable handle makes it easier to close your grill lid while kabobs roast. Turn your kabobs 180 with just one click of a button. Another click brings you full circle. The extra ling handle keeps your hands safe and away from direct heat. 45 degree loading angel makes it easy to use on gas or kettle grills. Turn your kabobs quickly and easily with just one click. The 360° Skewer™: All Around Delicious!


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