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No matter your skill level as a griller, taking proper care of your grill will result in a more satisfying grilling experience and better-tasting results. Best of Barbecue’s Sarah shows you how to use Steven Raichlen’s Grill Grid Lifter, Charcoal and Ash Hoe, and Grill Brush, as well as giving you tips for grill care and how to manage your charcoal!

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So I’ve already shown you how to get charcoal started with our chimney starter, and now I want to show you a few other tools to help you get the grill ready for cooking. So let me show you the Steven Raichlen Best of Barbecue grill grate lifter. This is a patented item; there’s nothing else out there on the market like this. What this does is it makes it so that it’s safe and easy to lift up the grill grid. What I’m gonna do to use it is I’m going to line up this crossbar right here so it’s parallel with the actual grill grate. Gonna slide it underneath the crossbar, give it a quarter turn, then I’m just going to lift it up, just like that that.

I’ll set this grill grate off to the side for a moment and show you another product, the grill hoe. I’m going to use this tool to move my charcoal around in the grill so that I can set it up for indirect grilling or direct grilling. I’m gonna be doing a beer can chicken later, so I’m going to be making this grill ready for indirect grilling. Now what I love about this product is that it has an extra long handle on it, so it’s keeping me away from the blazing hot charcoal, that I’ve got in the grill right now. So I’m just going to go ahead and use this hoe to push the charcoal around in the grill, move it so it’s all lining up on the sides of the grill, leaving a space in the middle; that’s where my chicken’s going to go. All right, so that’s the grill hoe. Let’s set that off to the side; gonna grab my grill grate again. It’s attached to the grid so it’s very easy to just set that right back on top. I’m gonna give it another quarter turn and squeeze on the handle; it’s gonna come out just like that.

Now the last product I wanted to show you it is our Ultimate Grill Brush. This is a very special grill brush, it’s got again an extra long handle that makes it so that in a safe distance from the heat of the grill. We’ve got stainless steel bristles, brass vessels for porcelain coated grill grates, and scraper to get those tough burnt-on bits off if you’re having that issue. Now, it’s a common myth that it’s better to leave your grill grate dirty because it adds a lot of flavor, in reality all you’re doing is adding a lot of disgustingness to your food so be sure to clean your grill grate. Just gonna go ahead and give this a nice brushing. And because my grill is hot, it makes a lot easier to clean, so that’s always recommended. And again with this long handle, I’m safely away from the heat of the grill.

So our grill is now ready for some cooking! We’ll be doing a beer can chicken later.

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