Charcoal Companion: The Flipping Funny Talking Spatula

Although we take barbecue very seriously here at The Companion Group, we’re not a very serious bunch. Our latest product is evidence of our tendency toward silliness and fun. It’s our Flipping Funny™ Talking Spatula, which is sure to elicit a few laughs (or groans!) at your next cookout. Check him out in action in our new video below!


Entertain your guests while creating delicious grilled masterpieces! The Flipping Funny talking spatula cracks one of nine silly quips at the push of a button. Its stainless steel head allows you to easily maneuver your food on the grill. Serve up some smiles along with your burgers, and your meals will be full of fun AND food! It runs on AAA batteries. For more information and availability, email sales.

Flipping Funny Phrases:

  • “The burger’s done… when I say it’s done.”
  • “You don’t need no teeth to eat my beef!”
  • “How would you like yours done: rare, medium… or cremated?”
  • “Who are you calling chicken?”
  • “Hey good lookin’, what’s cookin’?”
  • “This is mine, where’s yours?”
  • “I said flip it… Flip it good!”
  • “You call that a spatula? This is a spatula.”
  • “Get in my belly!”

Happy Grilling!

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Time 1:00
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Upload Date 04/30/14

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