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Now that you’ve gotten started with salt plate cooking, it’s time to get the most out of your new favorite cooking tool! Charcoal Companion offers a selection of accessories meant to enhance, care, and store your salt plate. Chef Nick Wellhausen takes you through our line, which includes salt chunks and grater (CC6056), set of 4 individual plates (CC6059) and frame (CC3528), scrubber brush (CC4108), carrying case (CC5151), and recipe book (CC6057).

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Brand Charcoal Companion
Products Used CC3526, CC6059, CC3528, CC4108, CC5151, CC6056, CC6057
Time 1:42
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Upload Date 03/24/15


Introducing the Himalayan salt plate. Salt plates are a fun, beautiful new way to cook your food. Salt plates allow you to impart a rich, yet subtle flavor without over-salting your food. Salt plates can be used to cook a variety of foods from appetizers to main courses to desserts. You might be familiar with the standard-sized salt plate and frame, but today we’re going to show you some new products that will help take your salt plate cooking to the next level.

Let’s take a look at our Himalayan salt chunks and grater. These chunks allow you to add all the flavor of Himalayan salt to any dish with just a few convenient swipes. These beautiful pink pieces of salt are more fun and add more flavor than traditional table salt or kosher salt.

Next, we have our set of four individual-sized salt plates and frame. These plates allow you to run different configurations, depending on how many people you’re serving.

We’ve also got a salt plate scrub brush that helps you remove burnt or stuck bits from your plate. The brush features a built-in scraper for the really hard-to-remove items.

Next, we also have a salt plate storage and carrier tote. The tote helps to protect your salt plate during transportation to the grill or on the road, with its sturdy, webbed handles. The tote also helps to prevent the plate from absorbing excess moisture during storage.

And finally, we have our salt plate recipe book. The book is filled with over 20 delicious recipes, with photos, to help you get started with your salt plate cooking.

These tools and accessories are the perfect way to fully immerse yourself in salt plate cooking.

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