Frozen Banana Split on the Himalayan Salt Plate


The dishes you can create on a Himalayan salt plate aren’t limited to just meat-based entrées. You can make anything from appetizers to desserts. Chef Nick Wellhausen shows you how to a make sweet and salty banana split on individual-sized, chilled salt plates! The sweet bananas, ice cream, chocolate sauce all take on a subtle, rich salty taste to contrast the sweet; unsalted peanuts add some crunch! For more information on our salt plates, read our blog post.

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Introducing the Himalayan salt plate. Salt plates are a fun new tool for adventurous food lovers. They allow you to impart a subtle, but rich salt flavor without over-salting your food. Salt plates can be used to cook a variety of foods, from hot to cold, from appetizers to main courses to desserts. For an impressive finish to your dinner party, you can use individual-sized salt plates to serve a delicious dessert: a salted caramel banana split. For cold desserts, you’ll want to chill your salt plate at least one hour in the freezer before you intend to serve. We’ve already gone ahead and chilled our plates ahead of time, and we’ll move on to the ingredients.

We’ve got a simple, organic chocolate syrup, some freshly-roasted peanuts with no salt, because we don’t want to over-salt the dessert, we’ve got some ripe bananas, and some caramel ice cream.

Now that everything’s in place, we can begin plating. We’re going to start by peeling the banana, and we’ll cut the banana three pieces per plate. We’ll begin plating the banana… And you want to place the banana fairly close together to provide a stable platform for the ice cream.

Now that our bananas are in place, we’ll start scooping the ice cream. One scoop for each plate, and we’ll follow with some chocolate sauce. After the chocolate sauce is in place, we’ll go ahead and finish with our peanuts.

Now that all of our desserts are plated, we can simply transport to the table, carefully remove each salt block, supporting from the bottom, and serve to our guests.

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