Charcoal Companion: Moistly Grilled Grill Humidifier


Learn how the Moistly Grilled® Grill Himidifier makes grilled foods juicier and more succulent, allowing meats to maintain nearly 20% of their natural juices.

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Adding humidity to the grilling environment makes a huge difference. First of all, smoky flavor attaches itself more readily to the meat cooking on the grill when it’s in a humid environment. And even more importantly, you’re able to retain a lot of natural juices when you’re cooking in a humid environment. This is all evidenced by commercial smokers that are sold with a humidity component. When we were doing our testing for Moistly Grilled, we found that cooking two identical chickens, one with Moistly Grilled and one without, the one cooked with Moistly Grilled retained four ounces more than the one cooked without.

So let’s take a look at Moistly Grilled in action. This chicken’s been on the grill for about one hour. It’s looking really good. We have the cast iron humidifiers on either side of the chicken over the direct flame. The chicken’s in the middle over indirect heat. Now since they’ve been on for about an hour, I’m going to need to add a little bit more moisture. Just taking the lid off, adding a little bit more water. Top that off, put the lid back on, and close the grill. It’s going to need about 15 more minutes.

The chicken’s been cooking for about an hour and a half with two Moistly Grilled units. It’s ready to come off the grill.

This chicken’s been resting for about 10 minutes. We’re ready to cut in and see how juicy and succulent it really is.

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