Charcoal Companion: Moistly Grilled Smoking Platform


Now you can easily achieve the intense, smoky flavor of a charcoal grill on a conventional gas grill. Food cooks directly over smoldering wood chips for a more concentrated smoky flavor. Fill the platform reservoirs with water, beer, wine, juice, stock, or any other liquid to create a humid grilling environment. The result? Undeniably juicy, succulent meats due to a much higher percentage of natural juices having been retained during the cooking process.

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Let’s talk about the stainless steel smoking platform. It’s a great way to get more flavor from your gas grill. This is the stainless steel grill grate here where your food is going to be placed. There’s a wood chip and water drawer underneath. The handles allow it to be moved on and off the grill. The two main benefits of this product are moisture and smoke. The water provides moisture that would be lost during the cooking process, so the meat retains more of its juices. Secondly, the wood chips directly under the food concentrates the smoke flavor to get the most flavor, that you usually wouldn’t get on your gas grill. The drawer can easily slide in and out during cooking so you can add more chips.

Now that we’ve moved over to the grill, we recommend having the flame or fire directly under the product, and the grill lid closed. This is great for cooking large cuts of meat such as roasts, brisket, and whole chickens. And remember, this is dishwasher safe.


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