Charcoal Companion: Pit Mitt


The Pit Mitt® is an aramid fiber glove with soft cotton lining that allows the user to handle hot items around and directly off a very hot grill. The Pit Mitt is reversible for left or right hand, and has a silicone textured surface for superior grip. Heat safe up to 475° F.

Brand Charcoal Companion
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Time 0:50
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Upload Date 04/24/12


One of the biggest problems when cooking over the grill is that you’re constantly working over high heat. This is the Pit Mitt, it’s made out of an aramid fiber material that has a silicone grip area. I can pick up things like this stainless steel wok that might slip out of another mitt. Now it’s a glove, not a mitt, so I have extreme dexterity; I can pick up small things right on the surface of the grill. It’s hand-washable, and it fits either right or left hands.

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