Charcoal Companion: Steak Station


The Steak Station® monitors the internal temperatures of four steaks at one time, allowing those commanding the grill to confident cook multiple steaks each to the desired degree.

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Upload Date 12/09/10


Grilling steaks for crowd can be quite intimidating even for a confident grill master. Now thanks to Steak Station, anyone can be a confident grill master. Steak Station is designed to monitor the internal temperatures of four steaks at the same time. The monitor reads when a steak is rare, medium, or well done. You can do four steaks at once. The unit comes with four probes, all color-coded so you know which steak is which. The cords wrap around for easy storage. It runs on one AAA battery which is not included.

Let me show you how to insert the probe into the steak. First you plug the probe into the monitor. You take your steak you wanna be sure to put the probe right into the middle of the meat. I’ve got the Steak Station fully loaded, we’re ready to put the steaks on the grill. I’m going to let those sear for about 3-4 minutes.

The steaks have been on the grill for a few minutes, and we’re ready to flip them over the other side. Our first steak’s ready to come off the grill; we have a someone who wants a rare steak; we’re ready to take it off. Let’s see how our Steak Station did. We pulled our steaks off the grill; they’re done, we’ll take a look. Perfectly rare, just what we wanted. So there you have it, Steak Station. For more information visit us on Facebook.

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