Charcoal Companion: Stuff-A-Burger Press and Grilling Basket


Grilled burgers are a foundation of American cuisine. The inventive Stuff-A-Burger® Press creates delicious stuffed burgers with tender and tasty toppings on the inside. The press holds an impressive 3/4 lbs. of ground meat. Watch Sarah show you how to use it to create your favorite burger recipe.

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Stuffed burgers are a great way to kick your next backyard barbecue up a notch. The Stuff-A-Burger burger press makes it really easy to form the burgers, and the Stuff-A-Burger basket is the perfect size for holding these burgers.

Let me show you how to use the press. There’s three components to the press: there’s the lid the forms the well, there is the base, and also this insert which will hold the bottom of the burger in place. It’s a pretty substantial burger; you’re going to need about a half pound of meat at the bottom.

You can use any type of ground meat; if you’re going to use something like ground chicken or turkey, you’re going to want to bind your meat a little bit with some bread crumbs so doesn’t fall apart. You can use any type of stuffing you want; today we’re just going to use some cheddar cheese, a very popular way to make a burger. I’m going to use this side of the press to form a well. Press it in, remove the lid, and you have a well for your stuffing. Gonna go ahead and put some cheese in, and about another quarter pound of meat on top of that. Pat it down, just like that, and then you’re going to use the other side of the lid to seal it all together. Gonna press down really firmly on all sides, and I’ve got my stuffed burger. You can just press up on the bottom to release, just like that. Flip it over and it’s ready to go into the basket.

So there you have it, stuffed burgers. Enjoy.

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