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The TurboQue™ turns a conventional gas grill into a convection grill. As convection air currents move smoke evenly all around food, smoke makes more contact with food resulting in moister food, more intense smoke flavor and reduced cooking time.

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The amazing new TurboQue turns your backyard gas grill into true a smoking machine! It attaches to your grill and creates a convection environment that recaptures that real barbecue flavor. The TurboQue is constructed of high-quality components and materials. The two-speed switch allows for more or less air movement, depending upon your needs. Its plastic body is glass-infused to withstand the high heat of the grill. The fan guard is coated with a heat-resistant finish. The removable metal bracket attaches to your grill at the rotisserie notch. The battery installation is easy. Simply squeeze the body to remove the battery cover, install two C batteries in the direction indicated on the battery case, and replace the battery cover. The TurboQue is now ready to use.

The U-shaped bracket is attached to a cool grill, with the two screws and nuts included with the TurboQue. Before tightening the screws, check that the bottom of the U-notch is just above the lip of the rotisserie notch of the grill. Put the screws in place and firmly tighten with a screwdriver, to hold the bracket in place. Pick up the TurboQue, and slide it carefully onto the bracket on the grill. Check that everything is firmly in position, then lower and raise the grill lid to check clearance inside and out. Now you are ready to start TurboQue-ing!

The best way to get that rich, smoky, barbecue flavor is to cook using the indirect method. The food is cooked by circulating hot, smoky air, rather than by flame. Check your grill to see if the burners run back-to-front or side-to-side. Prepare the grill for cooking by turning on the appropriate burners and adjusting to reach a temperature between 225 and 275 degrees Fahrenheit. Smoker boxes create smoke from wood chips are essential to get a real barbecue taste. This one is triangular to fit under the cooking grate, while others go on top of the grate. Once the grill has reached the desired temperature, place your favorite soaked chips in the box, and place on the grill over the flaming burners.

Top chefs agree, the indirect cooking method is the best method to get a rich, smoky flavor from your gas grill. Here, a Steven Raichlen barbecue rub is being applied liberally to both sides of a beef brisket. This can be done up to 24 hours prior to cooking. Just remember to keep the meat refrigerated until one hour before use.

Whether you are slow cooking beef, pork, lamb, or poultry, the same rub prep techniques result in the best flavor. Once the grill has reached the desired cooking temperature, between 225 and 275 degrees Fahrenheit, place the food on the grill, away from the flaming burners. Close the grill lid and turn on the TurboQue. During cooking, remember to refill the smoker box as needed with soaked wood chips. Always test doneness with a meat thermometer.

Using the TurboQue opens up a new world of fabulous smoked foods. Every backyard chef can develop the same skills as a commercial barbecue pitmaster, using their very own gas grill. Whether you are a lover of seafood, passionate about beef, or cannot get along without a great smoked pork butt, the TurboQue is the tool you need. If you have just purchased a TurboQue, and need any advice or help, or if you wish to locate a retailer who sells the TurboQue, a gas grill smoker box, or any other fine Charcoal Companion accessories, please email us at Happy grilling!


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