Pizza Oven Backstop and Wind Door


If you already own a Pizzeria Pronto or PizzaQue Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven, it’s hard to believe that they can be any easier to use. We’ll take that bet! We’re introducing our pizza oven wind door and backstop, both designed to make your propane-powered pizza oven even more of a breeze to use. The backstop will help with the perfect placement of a pizza on your stone, and the wind door will let you use your oven even in adverse weather conditions!

Brand Pizzacraft
Products Used PC6024, PC6025
Time 1:20
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Upload Date 09/17/2015


If you already own a Pizzeria Pronto or PizzaQue pizza oven, we’ve got a couple of accessories that’ll make using your oven even easier. We have our pizza oven backstop, and our wind door. Let me tell you a little bit more about them.

To use the backstop, simply remove it from its package, unfold it, bend the three tabs at a 90 degree angle, sandwich it between the pizza stones, and you’re ready to cook. The pizza oven backstop helps guide you as you place the pizza on the stone using your peel. It prevents your pizza from sliding off the back of the stone.

The pizza oven wind door keeps strong winds from disrupting the heat inside your oven. Slide the door onto the oven and begin preheating. During the last few minutes of preheating, remove the door to allow the temperature to come up fully. Then place your pizza inside, and replace the door. Don’t forget to rotate your pizza halfway through cooking. Try not to leave the door on the oven if the oven is running and empty. You may overheat your pizza stones.

With the pizza oven backstop and wind door, your pizza night with your portable pizza oven will be even better.

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