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If you’re looking to start making pizza at home, the most essential tool is a pizza stone. pizzacraft’s Perfect Pizza Grilling Stone gives you amazing pies whether you use it on your grill or in your oven. The stone is made of cordierite, making it thermal-shock resistant and very durable. The Perfect Pizza Grilling Stone is actually made up of two interlocking stones that fit together with a hollow core of air inside. The bottom stone takes the heat and transfers it to the air inside, which evenly distributes the heat to the top stone, eliminating hot spots and ensuring even cooking. Pizzacraft’s Sarah shows you more about the stone in this video.

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Cooking a pizza on a grill can be a frustrating process of trial and error. You have to pay attention to the temperature of your stone, the ambient temperature of the grill, any hot spots on your stone, and even unpredictable cooking times. Now with the Perfect Pizza Grilling Stone, you don’t have to worry about any of those things because you’re guaranteed to make a great pizza the first time you try. This is the only stone on the market that will withstand the intense heat of a direct flame on your grill. But why is that? Heat diffusion technology. This stone is comprised of two interlocking cordierite thermal shock resistant stones. When the two pieces are locked together, air is trapped inside. You put this over the direct heat of your grill and the bottom stone comes to temperature, heats the air inside, which is transferred to the top stone. This brings it to temperature at an even rate, so there are no hot spots. That means that the crust and your toppings will cook at the same time. You get a crispy crust and beautiful, brown, bubbly toppings, no matter how heavily you top your pizza. Now, no matter which stone you use when you’re cooking a pizza, it’s very important to preheat your stone, otherwise it’s going to stick. Now with the Perfect Pizza Grilling Stone, that means about 30 minutes of pre-heating on the grill, and 45 minutes in the oven. So there you have it, the Perfect Pizza Grilling Stone by pizzacraft. Enjoy.

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