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Pizza cones are a fun and unique new way to make and serve personalized pizzas at home. Just cut, form, and bake the special pizza cone dough into the fun, cone shape. Next, fill the par-baked cones with any variety of pizza toppings. Return the filled cones to the oven or grill and bake until the pizza cone crust is golden brown and the toppings are bubbly. The pizzacraft® Pizza Cone Set includes everything needed for making pizza cones at home: a recipe for the special pizza cone dough, a cutter for cutting the dough into shape, a crimper to seal the edges of the cone before baking, two non-stick cone molds for baking the cones, and two non-stick stands for baking the filled cones.

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Pizza cones are a fun and exciting new way to create personalized pizza at home. They’re great fun for the whole family. Our pizza cone set includes everything you need to make pizza cones at home. We have a special dough recipe, two pizza cones molds, a dough cutter, two stands, and a dough crimper to seal the edges of your pizza cones.

Let me show you how to make the pizza cones. So I’ve already prepared some dough using our recipe that’s included in the set. You’re gonna want to roll our your dough to about an eight of an inch thickness. Looks like we have it here. So I’m going to use my dough cutter, place it into the dough — you’re going to want to push pretty hard so that you cut it very carefully. You just want to peel your dough back so you’ve got a perfectly cut piece of pizza cone here. You’re going to want to use a little bit of water to dab on the edge of the cone, on the exterior to help seal the edges. And then we’re gonna fold it over onto itself like this and then we take our dough crimper and you’re going to go over the edges on both sides of the pizza cone to seal the edges completely, so just like this; not only does it seal it but it also makes it look really attractive.

After it’s rested for 15 minutes, you’re going to go ahead and put the dough onto the pizza cone mold. To do that, all you need to do is open up the dough and slip it onto the mold, just like that. It doesn’t have to do all the way down, but the farther down you can get it, the better. So these are ready to go into the oven, 400 degrees, they’re going to bake for 6 to 7 minutes or until they’ve started to slightly brown. So this is what your pizza cone will look like after you’ve taken out of the oven, as you can see it’s just starting to brown, it’s nice and firm, so it’s ready for my fillings. I’m going to start with a little sausage on the bottom, just sort of make a stopper. Some sauce, some cheese, really anything you want to use is okay. Then I’m going to finish if off with some red pepper and green pepper for color. So this goes back into the stand. We’ll return it to the oven for about ten more minutes until your fillings are golden and bubbly.

So there you have it, pizza cones. Enjoy.

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