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Enhance your pizza-making experience with the pizzacraft line of tools and accessories for the Pizzeria Pronto Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven! With our folding pizza peel, stone cleaning brush, portable propane tank adapter, oven cover, and leg extension kit, you’ll get even more out of your already amazing oven.


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If you’ve already purchased a Pizzeria Pronto, then it’s time to enhance your pizza-making experience with these tools and accessories. We’ve designed a series of tools that will help you use, clean, and protect your oven, as well as take it on the road.

Let’s start with our folding pizza peel. With a Pizzeria Pronto, a pizza peel is a must. You’ll use the peel to transfer the pizza from your workstation to your oven, and you’ll also use it to rotate your pizza halfway through cooking. This pizza peel is made from aluminum and hardwood and folds for easy storage. Always remember to flour your pizza peel to prevent dough from sticking.

Our pizza stone brush allows you to clean your pizza stones by brushing off debris. It features a metal scraper for hard, baked-on bits, natural bristles, and a hardwood handle. Always remember to cool your pizza stones before cleaning.

The propane tank adapter will allow you to take your Pizzeria Pronto on the road with a one-pound propane tank. Simply attach the adapter to your regulator hose and attach to the tank. The Pizzeria Pronto will run for two hours on a one-pound tank.

We suggest that you keep your Pizzeria Pronto indoors when not in use, but if you can’t, this cover will help protect it. It’s made from a heavy-duty, water-resistant fabric and features an elastic band on the bottom that holds the cover snug to the oven. The cover also protects the oven from debris entering in the front, and the cover’s also perfect for protecting the oven during transport.

The Pizzeria Pronto leg kit brings your oven to a convenient height. It also helps to free up extra table space by allowing the oven to stand on its own. At the base of the leg kit, you’ll see a rack, which can hold a 20-lb. propane tank. Also, at the front of the leg kit, you’ll see a utility bar for holding three of your favorite pizza tools.

If you’d like to get even more out of your Pizzeria Pronto, check out our line of tools and accessories at And until next time, happy pizza-making!

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