Pizzacraft: Pizza Oven Leg Kit Assembly


The pizza oven extended leg kit allows you to bring your pizza oven up off the tabletop and stand on its own. It saves space and brings your oven to a convenient height, plus has storage supports for your propane tank and oven accessories. We’ll show you how to put it together in the this easy-to-follow video.

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If you’re watching this video, then it’s time to assemble your Pizzeria Pronto Oven Leg Kit. The leg kit brings your oven to a convenient height, while at the same time freeing up table space by allowing the oven to stand on its own. Let’s get started!

Let’s take a look at some of the tools and parts you’ll need to get the job done.

First off, we’ve included a 5 mm hex wrench for the hex screws. The two tools you’ll need that are not included in the kit are a Phillips head screwdriver and a 10 mm socket wrench. Here we have our four bottom leg portions, our four upper leg portions — two of these pieces, you’ll notice, are slotted to receive the utility bar. We also have our four end caps for the bottom legs, our utility bar, our three utility bar hooks for hanging Pronto accessories, our propane ring holder, two long side support bars for the ring holder, four short side supports for the ring holder, and our hardware kit.

We have four short screws to connect the leg segments together, we have six longer screws for the top and bottom of the leg kit, we have four nuts and bolts for the propane ring holder, we have a thumbscrew to mount the propane tank within the ring holder, and we also have four 5 mm hex screws with washers.

Over here we also have our assembly instructions and manual.

The first step in assembling your Pizzeria Pronto leg kit is making sure that your oven is properly cooled and disassembled. Next, we’re going to install the utility bar. Position the upper segments that  are slotted for the utility bar next to the bar flat on your table. Insert one end, and then the other, and stand the legs upright. Once you’re in this position, use the open end of the upper leg portion to thread your screw, aligning it with the hole on the other side. Tighten the screw loosely so that it won’t fall out, but not firmly. Insert the other screw on the other side.

Now that we’ve got our utility bar installed in the upper leg portion, we’re gonna place both legs in the oven body. Place the left side, and squeeze to place the right side in. Once you’ve completed that step, it’s time for the rear upper leg portions. Take our rear upper leg portions, place them within the oven body, and now we’ll begin to attach our lower leg portions.

Take each piece and connect them into the upper leg pieces. Repeat with the front end of the oven.  And now we’re ready to install our leg screws. Take each screw, again threading the screw enough to where it won’t fall out, but not so much as the screw is tight.

Now that the legs have been installed, it’s time to install the support bars for the propane tank. You’ll need one long side support and one short side support. Start by pairing the two together with the L-shape of the short support facing outward. Once you’ve done this, place the supports within the leg body, line up the holes, and thread your screw. Once that’s complete, place the opposite end of the long side bar support into the next piece of the leg body.

Now that we’ve got all of our support bars installed, we’re going to go ahead and install the ring that holds the propane tank. You’ll notice on the ring there’s a welded nut. This nut needs to face the back side of the oven. We’re gonna place the mounting tab within the ring that’s located on the support bar; we’ll place the bolt from the inside facing out, and we’ll install our nut. Next we’ll align our next support tab and install the next nut.

Now that we’ve successfully installed our propane tank support, we’re going to install an end cap in each leg. Simply take your screwdriver, and gently tap until each cap is in place.

Our leg caps are in place; now we’ll rotate the entire setup onto its feet, taking caution because the legs are not attached to the base of the oven. Once you’ve flipped the oven setup over, it’s time to install the 5 mm hex screws. When installing the 5 mm hex screws, it may help to give the upper leg portion a gentle twist to guide the screw into its hole. Also, when installing these screws, don’t forget the washer.

Once all four 5 mm hex bolts have been installed, we’re gonna go ahead and tighten the rest of the screws from top to bottom.

All of our screws are tightened. Now we’ll replace the pizza stones, and the oven hood.

To install the S-hooks on the utility bar, simply thread them through the available holes.

Last but not least, we’re ready to install our propane tank. Simply place the tank within the ring and secure it with the thumbscrew.

Everything’s in its place, and we’re ready to go. Fire up your oven, and enjoy!

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