How to Assemble Your Pizza Oven Side Table


Prep and slice your fresh, homemade pizzas in one convenient location! This Pizza Oven Side Table attaches to your existing oven and leg kit (sold separately) to provide a handy workspace. Work your dough, build your pizza, and add the finishing touches before it goes into the oven, or use it to cut your pizza as soon as it’s done. The Pizza Oven Side Table also offers storage for your pizza-making equipment and ingredients, so everything you need is close at hand. Pizzacraft’s Nick Wellhausen shows you how to assemble your leg kit in this how-to video. You’ll need an estimated 30-45 minutes for assembly, a mallet or wood block, a 10 mm socket wrench or crescent wrench, a hex key, and a Phillips head screwdriver.


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Introducing the pizza oven side table workstation. This station brings all the convenience of your kitchen countertop right outside where you need it. Today we’re gonna show you how to set up and assemble the station.

Let’s go over all the parts you’ll find in the box.

  • Bamboo tabletop
  • Top support tube
  • Interior support bar
  • Rear support bar
  • Hardware pack
  • Tabletop cover
  • Exterior legs
  • Wire shelf
  • Owner’s manual

You’ll need to provide:

  • Rubber mallet (or block of wood)
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Socket wrench with 10mm socket (or crescent wrench)
  • Hex key

Your hardware kit includes:

  • 6 plastic foot inserts
  • 6 elevator bolts
  • 2 Phillips screws
  • 2 carriage bolts
  • 2 hex screws
  • 2 flange nuts
  • 3 pan-head wood screws
  • 1 gas hose bracket
  • 6 short Phillips screws

Pizza Oven Side Table Assembly Instructions

To begin assembly, we’re going to remove the oven hood and stones. Then we’ll unscrew the two hex screws on the leg kit on the gas inlet side. Next, we’ll carefully flip the oven upside-down. Remove the two legs from the oven base, and install the U-shape support bar. Make sure the three mounting tabs [on the support bar] are facing the ground. Slide the legs through the U-channel end tubes and reattach them to the oven body.
Tip the oven over and rest it on its back. On the inside of the oven, re-secure the legs with the existing hex screws.

Next, we’ll install the outer legs. When installing the outer legs, you’ll have to use a firm grip to get the poles into position. Then, we’ll attach them with the 2 hex screws.

Using our Phillips head screwdriver, we’ll remove the screws that attach the two leg segments together. Detach the two leg segments and install the wire shelf. When installing the shelf, be sure that the X-shaped wires are facing up. Reattach the leg segments and reinstall your screws.

Connect the rack to the outer legs using the mounting tabs. Secure the rack by installing two short Phillips screws from the outside of the bracket.

We’ve already removed the plastic feet from the leg kit. Now we’re going to install the new plastic feet that came in your hardware pack. Install the plastic foot using the rubber mallet or wood block. If you’re working on a hard surface, it’s usually a good idea to put down a pad or other protective cover on the ground so that your hammering doesn’t damage the oven.

Once the feet are in place, we’ll install the elevator screws. These will help to level your oven and your workstation.

Time for your oven to go right side-up.

Now we’re installing the interior support bar. This is the shorter of the two bars. We’re going to install it using the carriage nuts and the carriage bolts. Install the interior support bar by aligning it with the tabs on the interior legs. Insert the bolt from the backside of the bracket, and attach the nut. Repeat the process with the lower bracket to complete the installation. Tighten the bolts with your crescent wrench or ratchet.

Now we’ll install the rear support bar, using the longer Phillips head screws. You’ll want to install the slot at the top and the hole at the bottom, with the tabs facing outward [toward the front].

Now we’ll install the four set screws, two on one side, and two on the other side.

Now we’re going to install the bamboo tabletop. You’ll notice there’s three pilot holes on the tabletop. These holes need to align with the tabs on the U-shaped support bar. We’ll be using the three wood screws to attach the tabletop. The third and final wood screw includes a bracket to keep the hose for the gas tank in place. This bracket is important so that the hose is kept securely away from the heat.

Now, all we need to do is replace our oven stones and our oven hood, and our workstation is complete.


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