How to Assemble Your PizzaQue Portable Pizza Oven


The PizzaQue is the affordable way to make pizza at home or on the road! Make pizzeria-quality pizzas without paying expensive restaurant prices — or your delivery guy’s tip! In this video, the oven’s industrial designer, Kwame, walks you through assembling your oven. Assembly can take between 10-20 minutes and will require you to provide a Phillips head screwdriver.

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Hi, my name is Kwame. I’m one of the designers of the PizzaQue Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven. So you’ve just bought your pizza oven, and I’m going to show you how to put it together.

So the first thing you should do is take everything out of the box and check to make sure you have all the parts. You should have a hood, a gas inlet assembly, two baking stones, two sets of screws – four for the legs, three for the gas inlet assembly, gas knob, two legs, an oven body. You’ll need a Phillips head screwdriver, and we recommend a mallet and needle-nose pliers. And of course, your owner’s manual.

Before we get started, please remember to remove these protective silicone caps. And be sure not to move the starter mechanism because you may accidentally misalign it.

Step one is attaching the legs. I find it’s easiest to flip the body over. Take one set of legs, face it so that the U-shape is inwards, and align it with the holes. The posts should easily slide into the holes, but in case it doesn’t, a few gentle taps with the rubber mallet should do it.

Now that I have both pairs of legs in securely, I’m going to flip the oven back over so I can attach the screws. Insert the screws into the leg posts, tightening them by hand at first. Finish by tightening each screw with a screwdriver.

Step two it attaching the gas inlet assembly. You’ll have to turn your oven upside-down again.

I’m going to take the gas inlet assembly, I’m going to put it under the legs and then place the spindle through the hole and align with the hole on the front. There are three screws. Two go in the front, and one goes in the bracket under the leg. Insert each of the screws and hand-tighten. Then, tighten each of the screws with a screwdriver.

Now you need to attach the starter wire to the starter post. You can do this with your fingers, or some people prefer to use needle-nose pliers.

Now we’re going to flip it back over and attach the knob by pressing it onto the spindle.

Step three is putting in the stones. Place the flat one down on the metal tabs, and place the toothed one teeth side-down on top of the flat one.

Step four is placing the hood. We’re going to align the rear tab, then we’re going to align the two front tabs, pressing down to ensure a good seal.

Step five is attaching the gas source. We’re going to take the hose and attach to the propane tank, hand tightening, then we’re going to open the valve.

To turn on your oven, push the knob in and turn to high. Preheat for fifteen minutes, and when you’re ready to cook your first pizza, turn it down to medium. If you’re cooking a frozen pizza, turn it down to low.

To care for your oven, there are several things you can do. Once it’s cool, you can wipe it down, and you can use a brush to clear debris from the stone and from inside of the oven.

We recommend that you store your oven inside. If you cannot, there is a rain cover available. Check your manual for all the available accessories for your pizza oven.

And those are the basics of using your PizzaQue Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven. Enjoy your pizza!

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