Pizzacraft: Pizzeria Pronto Demonstration at Sur La Table in Berkeley, CA


The Companion Group team took our portable pizza oven on the road and held a live Pizzeria Pronto® demonstration at Sur La Table store in Berkeley, California. Chuck, Danielle, Cory, Niki, and Simone prepped, baked, and passed out slices of hot, fresh pizza straight from the oven, and the hungry crowd loved it! Here’s a few clips from that Saturday afternoon.

Brand Pizzeria Pronto
Products Used PC6000
Time 2:21
YouTube Link
Upload Date 09/20/13


We here at the Pizzeria Pronto team decided to take our pizza oven on the road and demonstrate it for the crowd at the Sur La Table Store in Berkeley, California.

Danielle prepped the pizzas… While Chuck put them into the Pizzeria Pronto to bake. Cory and Niki handed out slices.

People stopped to take a closer look at the Pizzeria Pronto.

Male shopper: “That’s crazy, that you can cook a pizza in four minutes — what is it, five minutes? Yeah, five minutes! Yeah, that’s awesome, man!”

Female shopper: “It looks cool. I’m always camping and doing stuff outdoors, so I took a few pictures and sent it to my cousin because I think he would really like it.”

Male shopper with glasses: “I saw them pull one out and I thought, that looks quite good! So I like the idea it runs on propane versus having to mess with charcoal or having to plug it in for electricity. So that was really neat.”

Male shopper in hat: “Certainly the price is great. Making pizza at home is super inexpensive, really.”

And lots of people stopped to take a bite!

Married couple: “Just started checking it out and tried the two sample pizzas, and they were both delicious. We came here for a granddaughter present and we’re probably going to end up with a grandfather present!”

The Pizzeria Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven. Delicious, perfectly cooked pizzas in only five minutes.


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