Pizzacraft: Rectangular Ceramic Baking Stone with Wire Frame


With the right tools, your homemade pizzas will come out hot and fresh, with crispy crusts and browned, bubbly toppings. If you’re ready to start making pies at home, the most essential tool is a pizza stone. This rectangular ceramic pizza stone from pizzacraft is the easiest way to get started! Baking stones have long been used by professionals to bake the best breads, pizzas, and other baked goods. The stone will absorb the heat and then evenly distribute it, eliminating any hot spots that too often occur in the cooking environment. Pizzacraft’s Sarah will show you how to use and care for your stone.

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If you’re ready to make great pizza at home, then you definitely need a pizza stone. Now pizza stones are great because they soak up all the heat from the oven and make it so that your stone is evenly heated and that’s what really makes that great crust; it’s a lot like a brick lined oven in that you see in a bakery.

This is a ceramic pizza stone; it’s really designed for use in the oven. That being said, as with all baking stones, you really need to be careful of thermal shock: you don’t ever wanna put something cold onto a hot stone or something hot onto a cold stone. The stone is totally ready to use; you don’t need to season it or do anything to use it except put it into the oven and preheat it. It’s incredibly important that you let it come to the proper temperature, I’m talking as high as your oven will go, 500 – 550 for at least half an hour before you’re ready to use it.

Now the wire rack that comes with the stone is really handy because you can just set the whole thing into the oven, just like that. It makes it highly portable and gives you a little bit more assurance. You can also go from oven to table; other stones don’t have that option. You can use this baking stone to bake pizza obviously our any kind of pastry that you like. I’ve used it to make cookies, I’ve actually made croissants or any other store-bought pastry on it. It’s also great for reheating any kind of baked good.

To clean your stone you don’t want to use any soap at all on it, because they could leave a soapy aftertaste. So after it’s cool, just run it under some cold water and rub off any of the debris that you would have baked on your stone.

So there you have it, pizzacraft’s ceramic baking stone with a wire racks. Enjoy.

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