Pizzacraft: Replacing Your Pizzeria Pronto Oven Thermometer


Should you ever need to replace the thermometer on your Pizzeria Pronto Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven, it’s fast and easy. Cory, the lead designer of the Pizzeria Pronto, walks you through the installation of your new thermometer. Assembly is fast and easy; all you need to get started are 20 minutes and a Phillips head screwdriver! You’ll have hot, fresh, homemade pizza in just 5 minutes once your Pizzeria Pronto is up and running!

Brand Pizzacraft
Products Used PC6000
Time 2:41
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Upload Date 10/10/13


Hello, I’m Cory, I’m the designer of the Pizzeria Pronto. If you ever have a need to replace the thermometer in your oven, it’s fast and easy, and we’re gonna show you how to do it today.

To begin, we’re going to remove the cover and turn it upside-down so we access the bottom screws. We’re gonna remove all five. And we’re gonna put them someplace safe so we don’t lose them. The reflection disc comes out… There’s a nut here that we’re going to remove. Once that comes out, the thermometer drops out from the bottom. Take the new thermometer, and just reverse the order.

You wanna line up the oval hole the post on the thermometer… And then you want to start all the screws before tightening down all the way, just to make sure they’re all going to line up. And I’m starting them by hand just so I thread them correctly and don’t cross-thread. Now that they’re all started, I’m going to go back and I’m going to hand-tighten them, and once they’re snug I’m gonna stop because I don’t want to over-tighten these. It is possible to put too much force and strip out the screws. Just need them snug to hold that plate in place.

All five screws are tightened securely; I’m ready to place the cover back on… And now you’re ready to cook a pizza.
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