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With the right tools, your homemade pizzas will come out hot and fresh, with crispy crusts and browned, bubbly toppings. If you’re ready to start making pies at home, the most essential tool is a pizza stone. This 15″ square ThermaBond® pizza stone tile from Pizzacraft is the easiest way to get started! Baking stones have long been used by professionals to bake the best breads, pizzas, and other baked goods.

ThermaBond® stones are manufactured with Pizzacraft’s exclusive ThermaBond® technology; specially formulated to eliminate thermal shock breakage, promote even heat distribution and retention, and guaranteed durability for consistent cooking on the oven or grill. Pizzacraft’s Sarah will show you how to use and care for your stone.

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If you’ve decided to make the leap into trying to make your own pizza or bread at home, in your oven or on your grill, you’re gonna need a baking stone, and this is the perfect baking stone for you to get started with. This stone is made of cordierite, which is a composite stone; it’s thermal shock-resistant so you never have to worry about it cracking or breaking because you’ve put something cold onto a hot stone. As you can see it’s about a half of an inch thick, which means it’s pretty substantial and is going to hold a great amount of heat, which is going to give you that crispy crust. No matter if you’re using your oven or grill, it’s imperative that you pre-heat your stone so that you get the nice, crispy crust. In your oven, it’s gonna be about thirty minutes at 500 degrees before you start baking your pizza; and on the grill, it’s over direct heat, about 500 degrees as well. But just before you’re going to bake on the grill, you’re going to need to lower the heat under the stone so that it doesn’t get too hot. Now I’m going to be making a fresh pizza on my grill in a little bit, but just so you know, the stone is also great for reheating slices, or for frozen pizzas, or even bake-at-home pizzas.

So I’ve already prepared my grill and baking stone for the pizza. I’ve had the grill on for about half an hour, the ambient temperature’s about 500 degrees. The stone, I’ve already reduced the heat underneath it so that it’s about 400 – 450 degrees. So I’m ready to put the pizza on.

Just like that; go ahead and close the lid. I’ll check that a few times during the baking process and give it a few turns on the stone. Total cook time is going to be about ten minutes.

So the pizza’s been on the grill now for about ten minutes; it’s golden-bubbly and nice and crispy, so I’m going to go ahead and take it off now. I just want to show you really quickly how beautiful that crust is. Look at that; looks delicious.

So there you have it! It’s that easy to make great pizza at home with the pizzacraft cordierite baking stone. Enjoy.

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