Pizzacraft: Transferring Your Pizza with a Peel


Transferring your homemade pizza to a hot pizza stone can be intimidating, but not if you have a properly prepped pizza peel! A peel is a large, flat wooden or metal spatula that’s perfect for slipping under your entire pizza. Pizzacraft’s Sarah shows you how to prep your peel, and the proper technique for both moving a raw pizza onto a stone, and for removing a baked pizza once it’s done.

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So I’ve already shown you how to roll out your dough, now I’d like to show you how to get your pizza from the dough mat to the baking stone. Now, the easiest way to do that is with a pizza peel. Pizzacraft has many styles of pizza peels, including this hardwood peel and the aluminum peel. It’s really a matter of personal preference which one you decide to use. Today I’m going to show you how to use the hardwood peel.

Now an important part of the transfer process is to make sure that you have plenty of flour and cornmeal on your peel. I’m just going to go ahead and show you how much I would typically use. Give it a really good dusting of flour; I like to use both flour and cornmeal. The cornmeal will also help to add a bit of extra texture on the bottom of your crust. Now you’re going to want to make sure that every point of where your dough is going to touch the peel has some sort of flour or cornmeal on it. All right, that looks great.

So I’m going to take my dough and just lay it right on top there. Now at this point, it’s important to work as quickly as you can, because the longer your dough sits on your peel, the more flour it’s going to absorb into the bottom of the pizza and it runs the risk of sticking to the peel. So I’m going to work kind of quickly here and try to get it done within a couple of minutes. Not going to take me nearly that long today! I’m going to start with some tomato sauce. Now I like to make sure that I get my toppings all the way out to the edge, just like that. Some cheese… A few little pieces of pepperoni… There we go! And some colorful peppers here…

This looks great! I’m just going to give the pizza peel a little bit of a jiggle to make sure it’s gonna move… It’s moving, we’re great. It’s now ready to go onto my pre-heated baking stone. Now this stone is pre-heated to about 500 degrees; we’re ready to put the pizza onto the stone. There we go, it’s just that easy!

So there you have it: pizza peels by pizzacraft. Enjoy!

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