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An upside down pizza is the easiest way to deep dish! This fun new way to prepare and present mini deep dish pizzas is great for the whole family. Fill the upside down pizza pan with any variety of ingredients, being sure to layer in reverse order. Drape a thin (1/8″) layer of pizza dough over the upside down pizza pan, then bake in the oven or grill until the crust is golden brown. To present the pizzas, flip the upside down pizza onto a plate, pull the handle and twist to remove the pan. The pizzacraft® Mini Deep-Dish Upside Down Pizza Baking Set includes two non-stick mini deep dish pans and one non-stick dough cutter to perfectly cut the pizza dough to size.

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Upside-down pizza is the easiest way to enjoy deep dish pizza at home. The set includes a dough cutter and two deep dish upside-down pizza pans. They’re nonstick, so cleanup’s a snap. To make your upside-down pizzas, you need to roll your dough to about an eighth of an inch thickness. You wanna make it so that it’s wide enough that it’s gonna cut two rounds of dough. So I’m going to take my cutter, gonna press it into the dough pretty firmly so I get a good cut — gonna give it a little bit of a twist as well to make sure you’re really cutting the dough — and then you’re gonna peel the dough away from the cut. So there we have our dough circle.

Next step is to take your upside-down pizza pan; you’re gonna want to put a thin layer of oil on the outside to help release the dough after it’s been cooking. I’m going to start with a little bit of sauce on the top, give a little bit of that… Some peppers on the very top; gives a nice shock of color when you unveil your upside-down pizza. Then I’m going to put a lot of cheese, because that’s the characteristic of a deep dish pizza — it has a lot of cheese! Gonna add a little spinach and some sausage. All right. So now we’re ready to put the dough on top of the pan and prep it for the oven.

So you just lay your dough right on top, like that, and then lift it up and sort of make sure you have the dough evenly distributed around the side of the pan and not dipping underneath. You don’t need to poke holes in the top or anything, it’s just ready to go into an oven, or indirect heat on a grill.

So I have an upside-down pizza here that’s been in the oven for about 8 to 10 minutes at 425 degrees; I’d like to show you how to unmold the pan from the dough. Very carefully, you’re gonna wanna lift the pan off… And there you have it! Upside-down pizza, the easiest way to deep dish pizza.


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