Pizzacraft: Working with Pizza Tools & Dough Prep


Once you’ve made your own pizza dough, you’ve got to roll it and shape it. Pizzacraft offers several different rolling pins as well as a dough scraper and a dough mat that will make this step easy. Use the scraper to cut your dough and scrape it off your work surface after kneading; the large rolling pin to roll out the dough; the double-headed roller to precisely shape your dough; the mat for keeping a clean work space and for measuring the size of your pizza. Pizzacraft’s Sarah shows you how to use all these pizza tools, and gives her tips for the best pizza crust you’ll ever make.

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So I’ve already shown you how to make your own pizza dough at home. Now I want to show you how to shape the dough and then roll it out to get it ready for your pizza stone. Now here’s some dough that I made earlier; it’s ready for shaping. I’m going to go ahead and flour my dough rolling mat here. And now the dough’s going to deflate a little bit as it comes out of the bowl, don’t worry about that. I’ll put this back under here…

I’m going to go ahead and use my pizzacraft dough cutter to cut the dough into four pieces for four medium pizzas. So, cut it in half, and then in half again. My next step is to take one of these pieces of dough, and I’m just going to stretch the pieces like this. And then I’m going to work it on the mat just a little bit to make sure that it’s perfectly round. Now the round shape is very important if you like round pizzas, which I do! So the rounder that you get it at this point, the easier it is to roll out into the round shape later on.

So I would go ahead and repeat that process for these other three pieces. I would set those aside, make sure there was plenty of flour on my mat so that it’s not going to stick, and then I’m going to cover it with plastic wrap and let it rest for fifteen to twenty minutes until it’s nice and relaxed.

Now I already have some dough that I shaped earlier. I’m going to show you how to roll this out for your pizza stone. Now not everyone is a professional and can toss their dough up in the air for that perfect disc shape. So luckily here at pizzacraft, we have tools to help you out there. This is a rolling pin with two silicone rings on either end, that’s going to make sure that you know when your dough has been rolled out to an eighth of an inch thickness. So I’m going to go ahead and just show you how that works… Just like that! Gonna wanna make sure you have plenty of flour on your mat. This mat is really great because it’s silicone, and it also has a guideline here to show you the different sizes of pizzas that you want to make. It’s got 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 inches.

So back to the rolling pin, I’m just going to keep working on that. So when I was working with it, once these started to touch the mat I would know that I’d reached one eighth of an inch thickness. So let me show you the other roller that we have. This is the pizzacraft double-headed roller. The larger dowel is used for working the dough from the center outwards, and then the opposite end is used to refine the edges a bit. Just like that! That looks great! So we’re about ready to put this onto the pizza peel and get it ready for the stone. I’ll show you how to do that in another segment. Until then, there you have it: pizzacraft pizza tools & dough prep. Enjoy!


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