Planet Barbecue: Steven Raichlen’s Spice Pastes


Steven Raichlen’s spice pastes bring the exotic flavors of far-flung regions along the world barbecue trail right to your own kitchen. Steven has captured the essences of different world cuisines in these four spice pastes; they add the intense flavor of a spice rub, with the moisture of a marinade. Whether you choose the Colombian, Malaysian, Jamaican, or Moroccan spice paste, these versatile flavors can be used to create new taste experiences, or enhance your well-loved favorites.

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The Planet Barbecue spice pastes offer authentic flavor experiences from around the world. They’re derived from Steven Raichlen’s years of experience doing research on the world’s barbecue trail.

There are three ways to use the spice pastes: you can use it as a marinade. You leave it for 2-4 hours or even overnight; the longer that you leave it in the marinade obviously the richer the flavor. You can use it as a seasoning, you put that on just before you’re putting your meats onto the grill. You can continue to use the spice paste during the cooking process as a basting liquid for even more flavor. And finally you can use even as a condiment straight out of the jar. You can mix them with mayonnaise or sour cream for amazing side sauces.

So let me go over the different flavor profiles. We have this Colombian spice paste, which hails from the Cartagena region of Colombia, that’s on the Caribbean coast. The paste is rich in tomato, red bell pepper, and Dijon mustard flavors. Use this on ribeye or even as a compliment to a great grilled cheese.

We also have to have the Malaysian spice paste; this hails from the border of Malaysia and Thailand so you have a lot of a tropical flavors you’d expect. You have coconut, lemongrass, some hot chilies. It is a little bit spicy, but it’s great with seafood, chicken, and tofu.

The Jamaican spice paste is full of authentic Jamaican jerk flavor; it’s the easiest way for you to produce jerk chicken or jerk pork. It has scotch bonnet chilies and allspice berries. It is a little bit spicy — might make your eyes water — but it’s totally worth it.

Finally we have our Moroccan spice paste. The flavors on this are so reminiscent of the flavors that you would see sitting around the spice halls of Marrakesh. You have cardamom, ginger, garlic. Slather this onto a leg of lamb and roast it on the grill, you’re gonna be amazed. It’s also excellent with scrambled eggs.

So there you have it. With the flick of the wrist you can have an exotic meal any night of the week. Enjoy.

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