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We here at The Companion Group know the power of moving images. We love being able to reach our customers and clients through fun, friendly, and helpful videos. Our complete catalog of videos is available on our YouTube channel. YouTube makes it easy to share, send, and offer feedback on our clips. Be sure to subscribe so that you never miss a new release!


Want to know how to use a product? Looking for recipes to try out on your new tools? Our ever-growing library of demo videos will show you how to use and care for our wares, in simple, easy-to-understand language. You’ll also get tips on cooking outdoors from our grilling experts, and pizza making tricks from experienced pizza chefs. Whether you’re looking for information or entertainment, our videos are worth a watch!


Our expanding selection of videos are not only perfect to pass along to your own customers, but are helpful when training your staff as well! Share links to our videos with your representatives so they can get real-time product demonstrations that will make them more effective salespeople.

Want to embed the video on your own website? Click through to the video’s YouTube page and click the “Share” tab to find the embed code. If you’d like a downloadable file, drop us a line. As part of our full-service relationship with our clients, we can even create videos as a part of your sales program; contact your Companion Group sales representative for details.

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Showcased Products

Charcoal Companion

Get to Know The Companion Group 0:28 n/a
Commercial (1984) 0:33 n/a
Safe Scrape™ and Safe Scrub™ Line of Grill Cleaning Tools 1:21 CC1076, CC1122, CC4120, CC4123, CC4125, CC4126, CC4128, CC4139, CC4152, CC4153, CC4154
Safe Scrape – The Non-Bristle Cleaning Tool! :40 CC4120
Hasselback Potato Slicing Rack :59 CC2031
Stuff-A-Burger Press and Grilling Basket 1:49 CC5119, CC3507, CC3518
Himalayan Salt Plate 3:39 CC6036, CC3526
Himalayan Salt Plate Recipe: Hot Caprese Salad 2:46 CC3526, CC6036
Himalayan Salt Plate Recipe: Frozen Banana Split 2:11 CC6059, CC3528
How to Care for Your Himalayan Salt Plate 1:48 CC3526, CC6036, CC6056, CC6059, CC3528, CC4108
Himalayan Salt Plate Accessories 1:42 CC3526, CC6059, CC3528, CC4108, CC5151, CC6056, CC6057
Flame-Friendly Ceramic Grillware 2:08 CC3802, CC3800, CC3805, CC3803, CC3801, CC3804, CC3806, CC3807
Flame-Friendly Chicken Roaster 2:08 CC3807
Gifts for Grillers 2:22 CC3112, CC4071, CC3116
Grilled Jalapeno Poppers 1:51 Current: CC1991 / CC3100 / CC3106
Meat Claws 1:00 CC1130
Moistly Grilled Grill Humidifier 1:50 CC4071
Moistly Grilled Smoking Platform 1:08 CC3508
Pit Mitt 0:50 CC5102
Steak Station 2:07 CC4073
Marinade Injector 2:35 CC5034, SR8072
Flipping Funny Talking Spatula 2:35 CC1088
Blossoming Onion Grill Rack 2:29 CC5149
Cast Iron Garlic Roaster 0:57 CC5127
S’mores Grilling Set 1:03 CC3112
Fire UP Charcoal Starter Wand 1:09 CC4110
Taco Rack 1:07 CC1992
Silicone Glove 0:50 CC5157
Skewer Express Easy Kabob Loader 1:35 CC2030
Turboque 3:44 DISCONTINUED
360° Skewer 0:54 CC5168
Squeeze-N-Flavor™ Marinade Injector 1:09 CC5148
Non-Stick Mesh Grill Bags 0:52 CC4141 and CC4142


How to Assemble the Stovetop Pizza Oven 2:29 PC0601
How to Make Pizza in the Stovetop Pizza Oven 2:05 PC0601
Pizzeria Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven 1:31 PC6000
Pizzeria Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven Accessories 2:26 PC0217, PC0218, PC6000, PC6013
How to Assemble your Pizzeria Pronto 3:26 PC6000
How to Assemble your Pizzeria Pronto Leg Extension Kit 3:26 PC6000
How to Assemble Your Pizzacraft Pizza Oven Side Table 6:15 PC6026
Pizza Oven Wind Door & Backstop 1:20 PC6024, PC6025
Pizzeria Pronto Temperature 1:23 PC6000
Replacing Your Pizzeria Pronto Oven Thermometer 2:41 PC6000
The PizzaQue Portable Pizza Oven 1:50 PC6500
Assembling your PizzaQue Portable Pizza Oven 5:00 PC6500
Pizzeria Pronto at Food for Thought 4:36 PC6000
Live Demo at Sur La Table in Berkeley, CA 2:21 PC6000
Making Chow Mein on the Pizza Oven Wok Kit 1:31 PC6000, PC6023
How to Assemble Your PizzaQue Pizza Kit for Kettle Grills 2:46 PC7001
How to Make Pizza on Your PizzaQue Pizza Kit for Kettle Grills 2:46 PC7001
Glazed Round Pizza Stone with Handles 0:59 PC0109
How to Stretch your Pizza Dough & How to Use a Pizza Peel 5:45 PC0201
Large All-Purpose Baking Stone 0:45 PC0102
Making Pizza Dough from Scratch with 00 Pizza Flour 2:37 PC0503
Pizza Cones 2:29 PC0304
Ceramic Baking Stone with Wire Frame 1:28 PC0002
Square Cordierite Pizza Stone 1:50 PC0100
Square Pizza Stone Tiles 2:10 PC0103
The Perfect Pizza Grilling Stone 1:20 PC0120
Transferring Your Pizza with a Peel 2:04 PC0201, PC0202
Upside Down Pizza 2:14 PC0305
Working with Dough, Using a Dough Cutter, Rolling Mat & Pin 2:45 PC0408, PC0207, PC0412, PC0212
How to Use a Metal Pizza Peel (So Your Dough Won’t Stick) 2:53 PC0202, PC0308, PC0408
Pizza Baking Kit for Gas Grills 1:05 PC0316

Steven Raichlen

Best of Barbecue: Beer Can Chicken Roaster 3:07 SR8016, SR0837
Best of Barbecue: Créme Brûlée on the Grill 2:29 SR8122
Best of Barbecue: Grill Care Tools 2:25 SR8069, SR8011, SR8010
Best of Barbecue: Ultimate Square Charcoal Chimney Starter 3:26 SR8041
Best of Barbecue: Grill Grate Oiler 2:02 SR8131
Best of Barbecue: Smoke Pucks 0:57 SR8180
Planet Barbecue: Steven Raichlen’s Spice Pastes 1:47 PB6505, PB6506, PB6507, PB6508