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Not In My Backyard LogoA New Brand is Coming to The Companion Group

Focus on the Right Kind of Buzz with Bug-Repelling Wearables, Tabletop Accessories and Zappers. Not In My Backyard™ Wristband and Scented Inserts can be used for camping, hiking, picnics, sporting events, fishing, hunting, walking the dog, relaxing in the backyard or sleeping under the stars. All natural! Made from 100% Essential Oils – Geraniol – Eucalyptus – Lemongrass. Available nationwide, Spring 2017.

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The Companion Group has been a leading manufacturer of barbecue tools, accessories, and other products for cooking outdoors for over 30 years. That’s over 30 years of innovation and evolution into who we are and what we love to do! Founded in 1984 in a small garage in Berkeley, California, it all began with just two people making chimney starters one at a time by hand. Today we have evolved into a “Family of Brands,” boasting over 60 patents (with more pending) and thousands of active products. We are a leader in innovation for barbecue accessories and our product lines have a large market presence and are sold through various channels of trade.

In 2014 The Companion Group adopted an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) to incorporate an employee-owner method that provides employees with an ownership interest in the company. The move to align employee actions and attitudes with the principles of ownership is in the best interest of future success of The Companion Group.

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