We’re Celebrating National Grilled Cheese Day, Because It’s Awesome

April is National Grilled Cheese month, and today is National Grilled Cheese Day, so we’re ready to get crazy here at the Companion Group. You wouldn’t be wrong to say that we’re a little obsessed with grilled cheeses, so much that we had a bit of a party to celebrate!

We might have gone a little too crazy with ingredients, but hey: gotta have fun with it right? We had at least 6 kinds of cheeses, 5 different breads, and a number of fun add ins. Bacon anyone? How about going rogue with some mac and cheese? We saw some really creative sandwiches!

National Grilled Cheese DayNational Grilled Cheese Day National Grilled Cheese Day

While it’s hard to imagine, the grilled cheese has been around for nearly 100 years. It was created around 1920, originally consisting of a single piece of bread, with melted cheese on top. Grilled Cheese grew in popularity during the Great Depression thanks to the low cost of processed bread and cheese. Around 1960, the cool kids started melting the cheese between two pieces of bread. Thus: our favorite snack was born.

These days, Grilled Cheeses vary in complexity. The world’s best is right The Companion Group’s backyard, and consists of pretty traditional ingredients. But we’ve seen everything from Rainbow Grilled Cheeses, to this family sized sandwich. The world has embraced the Grilled Cheese to the point where it’s on nearly every list of world’s most popular sandwiches.

Clearly, we know a lot about one of our favorite sandwiches, so what did we do to celebrate one of the most important holidays in the culinary world?

We’re really big on the crispy, gooey goodness that comes with grilled cheese, so much so that we’ve got a whole line of products that can bring your grilled cheese to the next level. If you’re looking to elevate your grilled cheese, make sure to try out our grilled cheese press.

We hope you have a happy Grilled Cheese Day, and an even better Grilled Cheese Month! Until next time, get grilling!

National Grilled Cheese Day

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